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Lyf: Love Your Footprint.
Our new bag collection launches in June!

Lyf Company will be launching a bag collection that is beautiful, functional and great for both people and planet. Assembled entirely in the United States from U.S.-grown cotton and other sustainable single-source materials, Lyf will introduce a combination of the latest technologies like on-demand printing, 3D printing and cradle-to-cradle inspired production, all in a series of bags for the urban creative. Stay tuned.

Love Your Fashion

Prints with power. We work with artists around the world and create collections that reference both the real and the imaginary world around us. Since ach product is made on-demand, we can offer unique prints without risk of wasteful inventory overages.

Love Your Fit

Our bag fit system means you have room for everything, but only carry the size you need. The slip, on-the-go laptop case fits inside the tote or backpack, so you can travel with everything and just use the small bag once you get to your destination.

Love Your Footprint

We choose all materials very thoughtfully in order to help rather than hurt our planet and our people. Our products are designed from the beginning with the end in mind — for disassembly. Each component is a single-source recyclable or compostable material, or a salvaged reusable material.

Aly Slim Satchel

Perfectly sized for a 15″ laptop or tablet and a notebook (the handwritten kind). Carry it any which way, over the shoulder, double-strapped back, or cross-body. And make a statement with a fabulous print. The Aly Slim is designed to fit perfectly inside the Beth Tote or Oami RuckPack, so you can take it all, and then lighten your load with just the Aly.

Beth Tote & Messenger

For those times when you need to carry more, comfortably wear the Beth Tote over the shoulder, handheld, or cross-body. Carry all the accoutrements you need throughout your day. Use as a tote or change it to a messenger bag for more secure coverage. The Aly Slim Satchel fits easily into one half so you can just grab it out and go, leaving the Tote at the office.

Oami RuckPack

Modeled after the Aly Slim, the Oami RuckPack adds depth for those times when you need to carry a little more. Carry as a backpack, cross-body or a handheld briefcase – whatever works for you. AND, fit the Aly Slim inside so you can easily leave the big bag in your office or hotel and go on urban excursions with just what you need.


The Lyf Laptop Slim is designed to fit what you need for that coffeehouse visit, without breaking your back or needing the overcommitted roll along. The main compartment fits a 15″ laptop, as well as a notebook (the writing kind). A pocket in front holds your pens, cords and other essentials. A secret open pocket hides your phone in an easy-access spot.

Lyf Bags are made with awesome organic cotton canvas and an on-demand garment-printing process which enables us to offer countless print options without the waste of over-produced inventory. We print it when you choose it.